(BS 1139) Tubular & A Frame Scaffolding

It is our vision to be a cost-effective contracting identity in Malaysia and in the region. Given our technical expertise and established resources, coupled with strong support of skilled personnel, we, therefore aggressively poised to continuously expand and diversify our scope of services to meet the various needs of our clients.

MecCilect carries a full range of temporary access solutions and various type of scaffolds for industries such as Oil & Gas (offshore or onshore), Marine, Petrochemical and General Building with zero tolerance to all aspects of Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety regulations at all time.

With years of industry experience in SCAFFOLDING and EHS consultancy, MecCilect Sdn Bhd continues to serve on-par and beyond the standards and requirements of its world-class clients.

Our expertise includes service by design, erection & dismantling, and supply scaffolding material covering full-site support with impeccable safety record.

Scaffolder/ Certified Scaffolder

For the purposes of these guidelines, a scaffolder or certified scaffolder is someone who holds a certificate of competence appropriate to the type of scaffold that is being erected, modification or dismantled.

Competent Person

Competent means someone has the appropriate knowledge and skills to carry out a particular task. This may be acquired through training, experience or a combination of these the certificate need to register with DOSH and fulfilling the qualification requirement.

Tubular Scaffold

A scaffold for both interior and exterior work, made of steel tubes, decking and couplers. Tubular scaffolds are lightweight, offer low wind resistance, and are easily assembled and dismantled. They are available in several lengths for varying heights and types of work.

Types of Scaffolding from MecCilect


Temporary work platform without support from below secured to an overhead structure using fixed length rigid suspension members.

These guidelines apply to scaffolds used in workplaces where the platforms are supported by scaffold members attached to overhead structures.


Tower scaffold is an independent scaffold consisting of four vertical standards connected longitudinally and transversely or two frames in plan connected transversely to create a scaffold of one bay. It may also have an extra, short stabiliser bay or outriggers to increase stability.

Mobile scaffolds are a type of supported scaffold set on wheels or casters. They are designed to be easily moved and are commonly used for things like painting and plastering, where workers must frequently change position.


Scaffold working platforms are generally rated as light, medium or heavy duty. It depends on the type of activity want to carry out:

  • Light duty 225kg max load per platform per bay
  • Medium duty 450kg max load per platform per bay
  • Heavy duty 675kg max load per platform per bay

    These scaffoldings are constructed  in  tubes  and  couplers  for  the  purpose  of  providing  working platforms. All tubes, couplers and fittings are manufactured in accordance to BS 1139. Each scaffold is constructed in accordance with the design and drawings of professional engineer.


    These scaffold towers are used as an effective and safe means of gaining access to work at height (e.g. 10m – 12m). It can be erected as a mobile access tower or as static Self Support Tower (SST)


    For persons with hand tools only. Live load maximum of 225 kg per platform per bay. Concentrated Load 100 kg per platform per bay.


    For persons with materials and hand tools only. Live load a maximum 450 kg per platform per bay. Concentrated Load 150 kg per platform per bay.


    For trades like brick laying or demolition. Live load maximum 675 kg per platform per bay. Concentrated Load 200 kg per platform per bay.


    Is a scaffold hung from a structure that is static in the vertical plane; it cannot be raised or lowered by any means. Hanging scaffolds can be hung from tubes, wire ropes, ropes or chains. (Particular attention must be paid to whether the structure the hanging scaffold is to be attached to is able to support the hanging scaffold and its intended loads). Hanging scaffolds are classified as a special duty scaffold.


    Platforms suspended by ropes, or other non-rigid means, from an overhead structure.


    Also known as shoring. Shoring is the temporary means to prevent collapse of materials or elements whilst building, rectifying, or at other times.

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